Spotlight On: The Ultimate Wedding-Stress Cure

Hey Hitched readers, this is Jess Blumberg, a senior editor over at Baltimore magazine—and a bride-to-be myself. People warned about wedding-planning stress, but, as with all things in life, you never know until you’re there. Between the logistics, financials, emotions, and countless details, it has felt incredibly overwhelming at times.

That’s why I was grateful for a thoughtful bridal-shower present: a gift certificate to the Four Seasons Baltimore that could be used at its hotel, spa, or restaurants. As the pressure from the big day is fast approaching, I opted for a spa treatment, which, in retrospect, was a great idea.

If you haven’t seen the spa at the Four Seasons, go over there and take yourself a tour. The floor and walls are adorned in smooth, white pebbles; there are multiple rooms for steaming and soaking; tranquil music plays on the stereo; and there’s a scent of jasmine throughout the entire, giant facility. (Plus, they give you super comfortable, fluffy white robes so you feel extra posh!)

Photo courtesy of The Four Seasons

Photo courtesy of The Four Seasons

I was given the spa’s 50-minute signature massage by Diane, who was excellent. It’s a full-body massage ideal for reducing stress, relieving tension, and improving circulation. They use Shea butter and I also got a mild body scrub. You don’t realize how many knots and tight spots you carry in your neck, shoulders, and back when you’ve been dealing with so much stress. This treatment worked them right out and I felt refreshed and energized as she handed me a cucumber-water when it was over.

But that’s not all! If you get a spa treatment, you get access to the Four Seasons deck, which includes an infinity pool overlooking the Harbor and full bar and lounge area. Of course, I indulged and took in the views for the afternoon. I tried some fruity white sangria and a poptail (aka an alcoholic popsicle) made with wine, strawberries, and basil.



The whole thing was extremely luxurious and decedent (not my typical Saturday, I assure you). It was the most relaxed I’ve been since I started this entire process—a solid few hours where I didn’t think about budgets, décor, or scheduling. I highly recommend this for brides to either register for or buy as an excuse to pamper themselves.

But, alas, back to reality—six weeks to go and counting!