Shawn Waskey and Casey Walton

Shawn Waskey and Casey Walton

Photography by Dunks Photo
May 7, 2011

Occupations: Shawn is a crew leader, Casey is a legal secretary

Number of Attendees: 45

Number of Attendants: One—the groom’s sister doubled as best man and maid of honor

How They Met: The two met about five years ago as students at Chesapeake College. They had mutual friends, but or some reason, never got together. When they finally did, they found that some of their friends didn’t approve of the match. “They didn’t trust Shawn’s reputation,” Casey recalls. “But I’m not the type to listen to that stuff.”

The Engagement: The two decided to buy a house together in Cambridge. They had discussed marriage, but hadn’t made any definite plans. One day, at dusk, Shawn took her to the beach near their new house and dropped to one knee. “I was kind of stunned,” recalls Casey.

A Date They’ll Always Remember: The couple loves to visit the National Aquarium.

Wedding Design Inspiration: Casey wanted an elegant wedding that was also casual. She started with daisies, because she loves the cheerful flower, and added soft hues of pink and purple. She made chocolate lollipops in the shape of daisies that guests could “pick” to find their table assignments.

Wedding Colors: Pink and lavender, Casey’s favorite colors.

What was unique and special about their wedding: The couple had attended many weddings in churches and wanted a different kind of venue, so they chose an old estate house, one of the oldest structures in Chestertown. They were able to stay at the Stepne Manor for the entire weekend.

Favorite Details: Casey was pleased that the ceremony and reception were in one place. “Nobody had to worry about going anywhere or getting lost,” she says. She also loved that the guest list was intimate, just close friends and family members.

Most unexpected event on their wedding day: Casey had wanted a bubble machine for the reception, and for her first dance with her new husband, to the song “Better Together” by Jack Johnson, the guests surprised the couple by standing up and blowing bubbles. “It was a surprise that everything worked out as well as it did,” says Casey. For example, she says, the wedding was planned for outdoors “and that could have gone really wrong.” But the day turned out to be beautiful and “everything came together smoothly.”

Three words to describe their wedding: Intimate, elegant, surprising.

One thing they learned: Casey, who describes herself as picky and a micro-manager, learned to be patient and to delegate: “You can’t do everything on your own. You have to put your trust in other people,” she says.

Piece of Advice: “Everyone kept telling me to sit down and take it all in because it goes by so quickly,” says Casey. She heeded that advice and hopes to pass it along. “The wedding was like five hours, but it felt like two.”

LOCATION: Brittland Estates, Stepne Manor, Chestertown.


CATERER: The Smokehouse Grill, Stevensville.

FLOWERS: Country Beautiful, Chestertown.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Dunks Photo, Brittany Dunkleburger.

LIGHTING: Ebb Tide Tent & Party Rentals, Queenstown.

CAKE: Melinda Roe (family friend).

WEDDING DRESS: Bridals by Elena, Severna Park.

HAIR AND MAKEUP: Salon, Chestertown (bride did her own makeup).

INVITATIONS: Temptations Inc., Easton.

GROOM AND FATHER OF BRIDE: Bridals by Elena, Severna Park.